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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Edward Snowden should have stayed in line...

While waiting to re-enter the building after recess in grade school, another kid broke in front of me. When I told Sister Anthony, someone I respected, I was chastised.

"Don't be a tattletale," she said. The line breaker went free, and I learned a quick life lesson. Although truth-telling is in the blood, you have to be careful and ready for unintended consequences. 

Enter Edward Snowden, the world's latest tragic person who faced an ethical dilemma and was compelled to broadcast what he thought were important secrets. But government spying on citizens is not new, therefore, Snowden's "secret" telling should not be such a big deal. It is, however, and he will probably never be hired again and will have to micro-manage staying alive.

Lesson learned: keep your mouth shut when you see or hear things that you know in your gut are not right. Don't snitch when someone breaks rank. Mind your own business. 

Step back in line.

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  1. George wrote: You start getting the feeling that folks think it's ok to try anything on Obama's watch...I don't remember this much stuff happening before...maybe it's a coincidence.


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