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Friday, January 25, 2013

Gas prices in Roswell scare motorists


While driving on Mansell Rd. in Roswell, Ga., I almost had a wreck when I saw the price of gas...$9.99!

This station is not open and is under construction, but the sign was very eye catching. At other stations, regular was selling for $3.39!

We called Dana Reed, RaceTrac's marketing manager, to explain the signs and left a message for a return phone call. Sure got my attention...

UPDATE:  I talked to Amanda Rodriguez from RaceTrac, and she informed me that the signage at all non-working pumps are tested but not accurate before stations open for business.  The same day she called, I snapped the following picture of a newly constructed BP station off Chattahoochee and Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. The gas price on the sign - $5.55.

I guess it's a sign of the times that more gas stations are opening in Metro Atlanta!  
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