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Monday, January 21, 2013

Concurrent themes running on MLK Birthday and Obama Inauguration Day

"The dream lives, and the legacy continues." Dr. Bernice King

Remember, act, celebrate - in the Lamb's agenda

King's Dream for our World

Service, non-violence, dreams becoming reality, foundations being shaken, inextricable bindings,  tables of brotherhood, glory of the Lord revealed; educated and committed to freedom youth who are nurtured, supported and connected; immigrants overcoming obstacles, diversified business in a land of opportunity and prosperity; social justice, equal opportunity; food for the hungry; leadership, persistence, impossibility becoming reality, movements being revitalized, blood calling out to keep moving, salesmen needed for movement overhaul, changed hearts filled with love for one another, personification of love, determination to act, humanity; scoldings to serve

Rev. Rodriguez said MLK's dream lives in those who follow the Lamb.

Notes from Speech of Rev. Samuel Rodriguez at MLK Day Celebration

The dream still lives!
Read John 1:29, Rev. 5:13
"Fulfilling Dr. King's via the Lamb's agenda"

"Through the church of Jesus Christ.. I am convinced that the best is yet to come... and we are in prophetic movement led by the cross's agenda."

Evil spirits do live, but the spirit of God is more powerful. It is that spirit that gives us the power to live out King's dream. 
Agenda - complete freedom from sin, poverty, illiteracy, drugs, too much coffee...
So much bondage - we must be set free by the blood of the Lamb who is the most powerful person on earth.
The devil hates free people.Free people seek out the Lamb and His power. 
Christ was freedom incarnate - "He who the Son sets free is free indeed."
Knowing truth is true freedom.

Simple symbol of the cross frees. Life is a cross. Vertically connecting us to God, horizontally connecting us to community relationships. Ethos and Pathos; prayer and activism...DC and ATL.

It's time to fulfill Dr. King's vision today. Justice flows from on high ... activism is the key.... speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Silence is not an option. 30 million live in poverty. Immigrants living in the shadows.
We need a multi-ethnic movement in America - to fulfill King's dream. 

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  1. Brother Malcolm says: In my opin, there is a multi ethnic movement in this part of the globe. However the problem with such a movement is that the body is indeed multi-ethnic, but the head is synonomous with that of a king cobra "snake." The real irony is when the head dies the body will continue to live...

    All in all, I like how Rev Rodriguez defined the meaning of the "cross" as to explaining what the vertical essence meant opposed to the horizontal essence. However, in this world, the horizontal essence of the cross over shadows the vertical.

    In my solemn opin, until different "ethnic persuasions" get on the same page culturally change will remain to be a "no brainer." Yes, the "truth" will set you free...


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