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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Resolution to stop helping homeowners passes in House

On March 9, there was debate on H.R.836 and related H.Res. 151 in the U.S. House of Representatives. H.R. 836 rescinds "the unobligated funding for the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program" which provides mortgage assistance to unemployed homeowners. Pete Sessions(R) from Dallas, Texas said rescinding the bill was an attempt to save taxpayers money. H.Res. 151 passed.

"This nation is overrun by overspending," Sessions claimed. He said the resolution would eliminate wasteful government expenditures, and the money saved would help small business create jobs. Sessions called the resolution a "common sense and balance" issue.

This resolution joins others passed this legislative session focused on cutting funds to schools and other programs geared to helping the poor.

On March 3, the Dallas Morning News reported that foreclosures in Dallas-Fort Worth fell in 2010, but numbers remain high. The paper also advertised homes for sale for 50% off current values.

Elijah Cummings(D) from Maryland voiced an emotional debate rejecting Sessions' argument, saying it was not "common sense and balance" for Republicans to spend time cutting Pell grants and other programs geared to helping the nation's needy.

Cummings said that 9,000 people showed up at a job fair in his district, money was not available to help his friend obtain chemo for cancer, and people were suffering all over the country. "What is going on in the House is not common sense and balance," Cumming shouted.

"I rise today in strong opposition to H. R. 836 ... We don't get our authority by might, but by how we treat each other." Cummings said that there was 25% unemployment in his 7th district. "We need to work this out like family," he concluded.

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