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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Euphoria, hard work surround AKA international conference in Atlanta

Quensetta, Cynthia, Marita, and Tomi pose for Ryan Fitzpatrick outside Intercontinental Hotel

There was an unexplained rush I got upon seeing women I had pledged with some 40+ years ago in Bloomington, Indiana at AKA's Tau Chapter, and I had that feeling today when I saw them standing outside the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead. 

Tau Chapter Prayer Breakfast
The 67th Annual Boule, or international conference, is being held at multiple locations in metro Atlanta, July 9 - 14, and individual chapters also held events prior to the main conference. 
Bam Roberson (r) poses with another soror during Tau Chapter Prayer Breakfast.
Approximately 20,000 college-educated African American women representing a diverse range of professions - many of whom serve as community, business, academic, political and spiritual leaders - will be in attendance along with their families, local and global businesses, as well as entertainers, community and political officials. 

Just two days ago, International President Dr. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, speaking on behalf of the sorority’s members, decried the senseless violence and called on the nation to find an urgent solution to the hatred, hostilities and violence affecting families and communities. 

“Many of us awakened this morning to a continuing nightmare,” said Dr. Buckhanan Wilson. “Those who gather in peaceful protest to raise their voices should not fear injury or death, nor should the law enforcement officials performing their duties to serve and protect. My heart is heavy for all victims of this attack.” According to a press release, the sorority  members convening in Atlanta over the next week will be developing action strategies to address these issues.

International Conference public activities include:

  • 23 Moments of Service: In tribute to 23 International President, Dr. Mary Shy Scott, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will embark on 23 Moments of Service throughout the 2016 Boule. Members along with the community will participate in various service projects across the metropolitan Atlanta area including refreshing multiple playgrounds, collecting backpacks, schools supplies, seasonal wraps, and eyewear for those in need, packaging 100,000 meals to help end world hunger, conducting home buying workshops, assembling hygiene kits for at-risk teens in the Atlanta area, among many other projects. 
  • Debbie Hayes and Willie Blow at Breakfast
  • Think HBCU Expo: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority launched the Think HBCU℠ initiative and $2 million fundraising campaign to highlight historically Black colleges and universities and their contributions to the sorority and society. During the 2016 Boule, HBCUs will be showcased as a critical venue for moving students to and through college. Local students and families can explore HBCU offerings during an interactive HBCU Expo on Saturday, July 9.
  • 2016 EAF Scholarship & Awards Breakfast: This event will spotlight some of our best and brightest students. Also, you don't want to miss the opportunity to hear R&B soul-singer Carl Thomas. Contribute to EAF and help make a difference! Purchase tickets at or 2016 Boule website.
  • Public Meeting: The purpose of the meeting is to acquaint the area with the Sorority’s mission and impressive record of service in the local, regional, national and global arena. Awards will be presented to international leaders during this event which is also free and open to the public.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., founded at Howard University in 1908, is the oldest Greek-letter organization established in America by Black college women. Membership presently is 230,000.

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