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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Agriculture base for any economy---why are food prices so high?

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Agriculture, food shortages, and climate change affecting the economy should be major political topics. A good diet is key to having a healthy and thriving populace.
One of the most important topics that none of the 2016 presidential political candidates are focused on is the condition of global agriculture in a world which must feed 7.4 billion humans. Why is that?

According to Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokara in their book, Agriculture and Food in Crisis, "significant amount of the world’s population continues to suffer from hunger or food insecurity on a daily basis...approximately a billion people-close to one-sixty of humanity-suffer from continual and sever hunger."

In his 1994 Senate campaign, Mitt Romney wanted to eliminate the federal Department of Agriculture and reduce farm subsidies. In 2007, a Romney campaign spokesman said, "Governor Romney believes that investing in agriculture is key to our economy and families." 

On www.barackobama.come, the closest policy explanation on agriculture deals with climate change. "If we don't act to curb current global emissions, they could a global catastrophe, contributing to extreme weather, food and water shortage, and global instability." 

Agriculture has been the foundation of economies since ancient times. Let's make it a priority now!

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