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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Race relations on fire in America

One indicator of how we feel about each other is our communication. As I watched the grand jury's decision on the Michael Brown case unfold in Missouri, I noticed how the governor introduced community officials at an early evening news conference.

What struck me was how the state's chief executive referred to the white guy as if he was his buddy, and the two black men were just introduced without familiarity.

You respect and protect your friends. That's why race relations in the United States is broken, because most of "we the people" are divided, mistrusting, and scared of each other.

It boils down to Friends and Enemies.

In his testimony to the grand jury, Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown, said he felt he was battling Hulk Hogan, a legendary wrestler. He labeled and sized Brown up as "crazy." Imagine an armed man with a gun being threatened by a teenager's fist. Who should have been afraid?

Fast forward to Cleveland, Ohio where 12- year old Tamir Rice armed with a toy gun was killed by a police officer. Who had more reason to fear for his life?

Something doesn't seem quite right here...Who should have been afraid of whom, gun toting George Zimmerman or Skittle carrying Trayvon Martin?

'Lil David was not afraid of Goliath, the giant, because he had a superior weapon.

Humans who are afraid protect themselves by whatever means at their disposal. Whoever has the best technological defense wins. Unfortunately, a gun always wins in a fistfight, and that's why blacks in America are unarmed, outgunned, and in a losing battle in the legal system.

One last thought... No one should have to live in fear in the greatest nation on Earth, our country, the United States of America. This is not the case because our relationships are broken. Additionally, our legal system continues to condone the use of lethal weapons in the hands of fearful public servants. In some states, even teachers and administrators can carry guns... can you imagine what is going to happen next in that scenario?

Yes, Obama has declared that race relations have improved, and his being president is a testament to our elevated presence. While his job approval rating is at its lowest, our cities are becoming a place where racial relationships are in chaos.

No, the GRAND (Wizard/Cyclops) jury's verdict was no surprise to me, but I was at least hoping for justice. Instead, I have no peace.

AFTERTHOUGHT: While I was writing this post, a moth came into my room, flew around the light, and lit on the chair. I thought about how the moth could potentially eat my clothes, but I didn't want to kill him. I made a conscious decision to push the moth into a cup, open the back door, and let him fly away unscathed. I think Officer Wilson made a conscious decision to kill Michael Brown because he had the opportunity, means, and lacked compassion. This was a killing for a deed that didn't warrant death. May God have mercy on us all.

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  1. Longman says: Yea, and timing of the verdict is suspect...seems orchestrated. At night, before thanksgiving holiday. Lots of money to be made in incarceration and rebuilding, and another in-your-face take that show of authority.


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