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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Atlanta WingChun hosts Klaus Brand at weekend seminar

The International Academy of WingChun®  held seminars in Atlanta and Acworth, Georgia on December 7 - 9 for U.S. instructors and students of all grade levels. All events were sponsored by Atlanta WingChun (

Grandmaster Klaus Brand of Germany flew in to train members from the metro Atlanta area as well as instructors from Oakland, Santa Cruz and Berkeley, Calif. and Sylvania, Ohio.

Friday night's Escrima class featured defense techniques against sticks and sharp weapons.  "One great idea is to start with protecting your face from a stick, knife, or long blade attack, and we progress from there," Brand said. He is a former German military sergeant and weapons expert.

"When threatened  with a quick attack, we can defend ourselves," Brand explained. "Waiting a second is too long when your life is at stake. We want total control in dangerous situations, and we know how to deviate from a planned attack by using knowledge of body mechanics and optimum martial arts skills developed over years of intense training."

Many members of the organization have been studying various martial arts since childhood but are now WingChun and Escrima practitioners. WingChun is a holistic fighting system which focuses on subduing real threats and harnessing innate abilities for physical struggle. Escrima is a traditional Filipino martial art based on sticks, knives, blades, and various improvised weapons.

IAW U. S. Chief Instructor Paul Wang poses with new 1st Technician Ayron Johnson, GM Klaus Brand, and AWC Head Instructor Kurk Johnson. (Photo by Ilea Johnson)
To learn more about Atlanta WingChun or to schedule a trial lesson, call (678) 453-8119.
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  1. Vanessa Calhoun says: Totally awesome! We are so proud of them! Congrats!

  2. George Calhoun says: Tomi NEVER has anything to fear with all that protection!!!

  3. Thomas Carter says: Congratulations to Ayron, Ilea, and the family. Tell them I am very proud of them and keep up the good work, it has only just begun.

  4. Congrats. Love your baby girl's graduation invitation. A walk through memory lane. :)


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