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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Breaking news: Confederate flag bearers cause disturbance in Harrodsburg and Danville, Ky.

Downtown Harrodsburg, Ky. (familypedia photo)
On Saturday night, whites drove cars and trucks through downtown Harrodsburg and Danville, Ky. while waving large confederate flags and shouting racial slurs, according to residents.

A complaint was called in to police who disbanded participants.  Many white residents attended black church services Sunday morning to apologize and say they did not want this type of event happening in their community. One white visitor said, "We're not going to stand for it here."

Harrodsburg, Ky. is about 35 miles from Lexington and is the home of Old Fort Harrod established in 1774. Danville is the county seat of Boyle County.

This story is still developing...

On Monday morning, Wingcom Watchdog called the Harrodsburg Police Department for confirmation and spoke to Detective Brian Allen who said he was out of town during the weekend, but no official police report had been filed on the incident. Det. Allen stated that he was told "kids had confederate flags in the back of their truck, and Wal-Mart banded them from the property." He said he could not confirm if any adults were involved.

Wingcom Watchdog received a return call from Danville Chief of Police Tony Gray who said he was working on Saturday night and was not aware of any disturbance concerning confederate flags and racial slurs in Danville. He agreed that any future citizen complaints involving unlawful disturbances should be documented through an incident or case report, especially if a criminal offense occurs. (Photo, City of Danville - Tony Gray, Danville police chief since 2012)

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