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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 11, 2012

Photo of Twin Towers in 1998.
When I remember Sept. 11 morning, I think of loss, rebirth, and hope.

Both my husband and I were out of work when the towers were attacked. He was edging the lawn outside our home, and I was watching the Today Show on NBC. After the second tower was struck, we all knew this was no accident.

Then it was reported that two planes were headed for the Pentagon and some field. I talked to my brother-in-law, a military veteran who lives in New Jersey, and he said the Air force would not let that last plane reach its destination.

Ticket stub
Commentator Al Roker said the towers were built to withstand wind shear but not an airplane bomb. We watched in horror as people jumped, and both towers came tumbling down. 

When I think of Sept. 11, I remember visiting the World Trade Center on my honeymoon trip to New York City. Also, when I think of Sept. 11, I remember to celebrate Mona Sotoodeh's birthday. She is a young, beautiful, Persian American child turned woman in only a few short years. It's also Bubba and Vanessa Calhoun's wedding anniversary.

Brothers Sherman and Kurk Johnson pose outside Trade Center, a major tourist attraction before Sept. 11,  in 1980.
These things I remember with a melancholy smile. There is still beauty and hope for our world.

May war end.
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